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Jeff Panacloc Tickets

Jeff Panacloc Tickets & Tour Dates


Jeff Panacloc Tour Schedule


Jeff Panacloc is a French ventriloquist who’s shaking up the theater scene in his hometown. His work has kept audiences laughing for years now, and he shows no sign of letting up. He travels France with the help of his friend, but not friendly, puppet, Jean-Marc. Their crude humor leaves no one safe in the audience, but that’s half of the experience anyway.


If you want to see Jeff and Jean-Marc perform a live gig, you’re in luck. Although they remain mostly in France, they have several dates open for this year, with the first being on January 30 in Dunkerque, France. Other areas on their agenda are Troyes, Aurillac, Albi, Amneville, Dijon, Lille, Orleans, Brest, and Cournon. The last date Jeff Panacloc has for 2019 is December 19th in Maxeville, France.


Jeff Panacloc Background


Jeff Panacloc actually uses a unique stage name. Jeff isn’t part of his actual name, and Panacloc is a reversal of his real last name. He was born Damien Colcanap in September 1989 in Saint-Thibult-des-Vignes, France. Although he didn’t intend to be a part of comedy or ventriloquism at all, Panacloc was inspired when he saw a live ventriloquist perform in a cabaret club when he was 18. He decided that he could make a living out of this unusual, but fun career.


In 2009, he was able to do just that as he became a full-time ventriloquist. He wrote his first show with his monkey puppet, Jean-Marc, and began performing it around France. From there, he was even able to release some music, though his focus remains comedy.


Jeff Panacloc’s Greatest Hits


Jeff may be a talented comedian and ventriloquist, but he’s also dabbled in music with his puppet. Some of the songs they’ve released are “J'suis quand même beau,” or “I’m Handsome Anyway,” and “J'temmerde,” which roughly translates to, “I’m Annoyed.”