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Florence and the Machine Tickets

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Florence and the Machine Tickets & Tour Dates

Florence and the Machine (stylized as Florence + the Machine) is a renowned indie rock band based in London, England. The band is made up of several members, with the lead vocalist being none other than Florence Welch. The band is popular for combining various genres like soul and rock and continues to stretch and redefine the sound of their music.


Not only do they work magic in the studio, but they’re one of the best bands to watch perform live. Florence and the Machine has several upcoming dates to catch the action, starting on January 16th in the Botanic Park in Adelaide, Australia. From there, other locations they plan to visit include Norway, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Poland, and New York. The last set date they have for 2019 is July 13th in Hyde Park for the British Summer Time festival.


Florence and the Machine Background


Florence and the Machine is made up of several great artists who come together to form an even greater band. The main vocalist, Florence Welch, started the band with her friend Isabella “Machine” Summers, who’s behind the keyboards and backup vocals. The duo came up with their name based on Summers’ nickname. The rest of the band is made up of Robert Ackyord, the guitarist, Tom Monger, the harpist, Chris Hayden, the drummer, and Mark Saunders on bass guitar. Although many band members have come and gone, the band shares a high level of success regardless.


Florence and the Machine’s Greatest Hits


Florence and the Machine is no stranger to big hits. Their first album, Lungs, rocked the charts at number one in the UK and number two in nearby Ireland. Other famous hits by the group include “You’ve Got the Love”, “Drumming Song”, “Rabbit Heart”, “Big God” and “Shake it Out”.