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Bryan Ferry Tickets

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Bryan Ferry Tickets & Tour Dates

Bryan Ferry is an English singer and songwriter who made a big impact in the music and culture of his time. His music has been described as elegant, but has influenced the youth of his generation in the way that most pop artists and rappers do. Not only has his music served as an inspiration for subsequent music from his time, but his physical appearance and dress style has also been reflected across the fashion lines and designs. His presence in the media is comparable to David Bowie's, so that definitely says a lot.


Bryan Ferry has several dates available for fans to connect and attend live concerts. His next date is in West Perth, Australia on February 21st. If you can’t make it to that one, he has many other locations ready, like Mount Cotton, Auckland, Washington, Detroit, Philadelphia, Austin, San Diego, and Oakland. Last but not least, Ferry’s going to visit Vancouver, Canada on September 5th.


Bryan Ferry Background


Bryan Ferry was born in 1945 in Washington, England. As a child, he enjoyed both art and music, and when he grew up, he taught art and pottery in school while pursuing his music career on the side. He was a part of a few bands, including The Banshees and The Gas Board. Ferry founded his band, Roxy Music, with a few of his friends, and soon they released their first big hit, “Virginia Plain.” This song peaked at making the UKs Top 5 list.


Along with his work in the band, Ferry was also producing solo music. When the band broke up, he continued his work and created his hit album, Boys and Girls, which reached number one in the UK.


Bryan Ferry’s Greatest Hits


Bryan Ferry has more than enough great hits to recall. Some of his most beloved works are his singles “Love is the Drug”, “Angel Eyes”, “Oh Yeah”, “Let’s Stick Together”, “Slave to Love” and “Don’t Stop the Dance".

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