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Tyga Tickets

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Tyga Tickets

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Tyga is an American rapper whose career began nearly a decade ago. Not only has he come a long way in his rapping skills and style, but he’s also managed to amass a great following of fans. He’s spent a lot of time and effort perfecting his craft, and it shows through the music he’s been released lately. Tyga’s fans all love a good live performance from him.

As of right now, he has just one date set in stone for 2019. He’s going to perform in West Melbourne, Australia on January 26th. He also has plans in the works for performing at the Fillmore Silver Spring concert, but the time and dates are unclear at this point. Stay updated with Tyga’s projects, so you can get those tickets as soon as they come out.


Tyga’s Background

Tyga’s stage name is a special one. It stands for “Thank You God Always,” and is unique in terms of the common names rappers use. Tyga was born as Michael Ray Stevenson in Compton in the year 1989 to his Vietnamese mother and Jamaican father. He spent some time in Compton before they moved to Gardena.

Tyga started releasing his own music from an early age. His mixtape, Young On Probation, was successful and brought Tyga to the attention of Travie McCoy, who got him signed with DCD2 Records. Tyga’s first independent album, No Introduction, was released in 2008 and the songs from it were used in several games and movies.


Tyga’s Greatest Hits

Tyga’s biggest hit songs have racked up millions of dollars in sales, not just on U.S. markets, but overseas as well. Some of the fan favorites he’s created are “The Motto,” “Bubble Butt,” “Wait For a Minute,” and “Loyal.” His album, Hotel California, was nominated for the World Music Awards’ World’s Best Album title.