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Pentatonix Tickets

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Pentatonix Tickets

Pentatonix Tour Schedule

Pentatonix, or PTX for short, is a widely successful a cappella group from Arlington, Texas. The group is well known for their covers of popular songs in medley form, but has also released some original music content. Both types of their work have blown off the charts in several countries. An a cappella group like Pentatonix has everything they need to perform live anywhere, so fans love to see them in action on stage. They’re currently on their Christmas tour, but haven’t announced any dates for performances in 2019. Keeping yourself updated with their plans is the best way to pounce on those tickets when they come out.


Pentatonix Background

Pentatonix is made up of five members, Matt Sallee, Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, and Kevin Olusola. Avi Kaplan used to be a member until he split with the group in 2017. Kirstin, Mitch, and Scott were actually schoolmates in their hometown of Arlington, Texas. They met Avi in college through mutual friends and later discovered Kevin on YouTube for his famous ‘cello boxing’ skills.

The group auditioned to perform at The Sing-Off and ended up getting selected. They went on to win the title for Season Three of that competition. The group was then signed with Madison Gate Records and released their first album in 2012. Today, Pentatonix continues to make covers of contemporary music, but also focus on creating songs with reggae, hip-hop, dubstep, and pop influences.   


Pentatonix’s Greatest Hits

Even if you didn’t include the covers of songs that Pentatonix successfully created, just their original music alone has garnered lots of praise and awards. Their song, “Love Again,” was nominated for a Streamy Award. On top of that, they won the YouTube Music Award’s Artist of the Year award in 2015. Some of their most memorable covers are “Daft Punk,” “Radioactive,” and “Cheerleader.”