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Gipsy Kings Tickets

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The Gipsy Kings Tickets & Tour Dates

The Gipsy Kings are a collection of pop and cultural musicians from the south of France. Most of its members hail from France, but were raised with the Spanish way of life, giving their music a unique and progressive style. They use bits of musical influences from both France and Spain, so their music attracts millions of fans around the world because of its inclusivity. Having topped the charts in several countries, their tunes are considered world music more than just music related to a single country.


The Gipsy Kings have just a handful of shows lined up for 2019. Their first date is on March 23rd in Bristol, Great Britain, after which they are headed to Paris, France on April 13th. The last two shows they have are both to be held in London, Great Britain, on April 18th and June 14th.


Gipsy Kings Background


The Gipsy Kings originated in Arles, France and became active starting back in 1978. The lineup of these group members is unique because although they were all born in France, their parents were gypsies who sought refuge during the Spanish Civil war. Most of their music follows a Catalan-rumba style, mixing salsa and flamenco music together.


The members of the group derive from the families of two cousins, Reyes and Baliardo. Nicholas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo are credited with founding the group, and their families fill in the rest of the group’s instrumentals, including guitarists and backup vocals. The group got their big break through their self-titled third album, which was a hit in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This success opened up the door for their release in the US, which led to even more popularity and fame.


Gipsy Kings’ Greatest Hits


The Gipsy Kings have several notable songs from their releases. A few of their best singles include “Bamboléo”, “Soy”, “Volare” and “Pida Me La”.