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Sorry, we could not find Events in Mainz

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    International Events
    • Deaf Havana


      KUZ, Mainz, Germany

      28 November 2019 (Thursday), 20:00

      No tickets left

    • Balthazar


      KUZ, Mainz, Germany

      04 February 2020 (Tuesday), 20:00

      Balthazar is a popular indie rock group from Belgium. Their music has been around for quite some time now, and over the years they've stayed true to their lyrical and musical style. Part of the reason they're so popular is their musical flair. Powerful and compelling ballads are their specialty, and you really remember the song after you've heard it because of them. Fans have stuck around with Balthazar from the very beginning of their career and remain one of the most loyal fan bases out there.


      Fans of the group can get excited because Balthazar has a few dates coming up in England and beyond. Their first date is on February 6th in Bristol, Great Britain. After that day, they're going to visit cities like Manchester, London, and Warsaw. The last date a fan has a chance of seeing them is on March 31st in Madrid, Spain.


      Blathazar Background


      Balthazar means "protector" to some extent, and the group thought of that name collectively. In the current lineup, there are five band members: Jinte Deprez, Simon Casier, Maarten Devoldere, Michiel Balcaen, and Tjis Delbeke. The original group started back in 2004 and began making small tracks here and there. Some members of the group appeared on Belgian singing contests and won, ultimately helping their group to get more popular.


      In 2007, they released their first single, "This is a Flirt," which was picked up on the radio. That song also crept into second place on the Belgian music charts. From there, they've picked up a lot of speed with their music production and seem to be focusing on studio time over stage time.


      Balthazar’s Greatest Hits


      Balthazar has a track record as unique as its name. Some of their best songs are "Bunker," "Fifteen Floors," and "The Man Who Owns the Place." Their albums are also great at topping charts with titles like Applause, Rats, and Thin Walls.

      No tickets left

    • The Regrettes


      Schon Schon, Mainz, Germany

      26 March 2020 (Thursday), 20:00

      No tickets left

    • Versengold


      Electoral Palace, Mainz, Germany

      03 April 2020 (Friday), 19:00

      No tickets left

    • Lenny Kravitz


      Citadel, Mainz, Germany

      19 June 2020 (Friday), 19:00


      Lenny Kravitz Tour Schedule


      Lenny Kravitz is a Bahamian American singer. His musical and lyrical style is described as retro and includes many different influences like psychedelic, reggae, jazz, funk, soul, and R&B. From the beginning of his career, Kravitz’s work has garnered lots of praise and attention for being unique, yet like a classic. His ingenuity in his craft is shows through his many awards, not to mention his millions of fans.


      Kravitz kept his fans in mind when he decided his 2019 tour dates. He’s set to visit several cities, starting with Lodz, Poland on May 8th. After spending some time performing in places like Lyon, Horsen, and Brussels, Kravitz’s last stop is in London, Great Britain on June 11th. Kravitz has some plans in the works about performing at the Hello Festival in Emmen, Netherlands, but the time and date have yet to be set. Keep yourself updated with Lenny Kravitz to catch tickets as they become available.


      Lenny Kravitz Background


      Leonard Albert Kravitz, or Lenny Kravitz, was born in 1964 in New York. Kravitz grew up loving music, his goal being to become a musician. His parents were both supportive of this passion and took him to see different shows. Kravitz’s main influences on music during this time was what he saw around him: jazz, opera, classical, blues, and gospel.


      When he grew up, Kravitz wanted to make his own music, but record companies told him he didn’t fit into the box of being “white enough”, nor did his music seem “black enough.” He decided to produce it on his own, and eventually started working with Stephen Smith to get signed with Virgin records. His debut album was a hit overseas and brought the attention of record labels and fans alike.


      Lenny Kravitz’s Greatest Hits


      Kravitz’s music appeals to many people across the board. Some of his best songs are “Again”, “Dig In”, “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” and “Low”.


      No tickets left

    • Sarah Connor


      Volkspark Mainz, Mainz, Germany

      03 July 2020 (Friday), 19:00

      No tickets left